Friday, January 22, 2010

Tossing, Cleaning and Reading

A birdie told me that I have disappointed some people
by not posting on my blog

I have been cleaning, purging and organizing
I figured that would be pretty boring to most

I've given 5 bags to charity

Tossed out 4 bags of garbage

I even spent one whole day organizing my computer -
cleaning out photos, burning to CD's things I want to keep

I still have one more room to go
we are setting it up as an exercise area

I'm not even gonna talk abt the basement
that will have to wait til it warms up
a little to nippy for me down there

My craft room took a whole day to re-organize.
Months ago
we put all new IKEA antonius
shelves in there.
I just threw all the stuff in the bins
to be sorted "someday"
I guess this week was someday

know it probably looks junkie
but it actually is organizd inside

I got my craft area cleared out
Hopefully soon I can paint the ugly white walls

I'm hoping to get it all done
by the first of next week
so that I can get back to creating

My form of escaping is reading
and I read 3 books this week:

American Pie
Crazy Ladies
She Flew the Coop

What great reads!

all by Michael Lee West
aka as Designs By Gollum
her blog

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