Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Declutter...Purge.... Organize

It seems like after you take down all the pomp and glitz
of the holidays
.. a person is ready to "clean" house - or maybe its just me.

It amazes me how many meaningful treasures,  I mean crap,
 I still have even after the kids have moved out
- I think they took what they wanted and left the rest for me to deal with.
In  recent conversation with one of my children,
I brought up what I was doing
and that I was going to get rid of skates, sleds,etc
that apparently they didn't want............ 
I was told ,well, maybe you'll want to keep a sled or two..
..so when your grandchildren come to visit....
..Oh my pulling the grandparent guilt card..
...ok miss smartypants....so now what do you say...hmmm
..if and when that happens we'll go buy a new one
...yup that was a gd one!

It is interesting how just getting rid of 6 bags of thrift store donations
and 2 bags of trash and a bag off to one of the children
......makes you feel more comfortable.

First floor done..next week upstairs and the week after that the dreaded basement


  1. I haven given most of my kids stuff to them but still have some of their things. Of course I have all the baby stuff...no grandchildren yet so I'll hold on to this stuff for a little longer.

  2. You are so right Jo! I've been feeling this way since clearing out the Christmas decor. It feels great to de-clutter.

    Your blog design looks BEAUTIFUL! :)

  3. Last year I took a week of vacation, twice, to declutter and organize... I need another month or two...

    Looks like you go a lot done! Way to go... come on over... I could use the help!

  4. Love your blog! I'm planning to organize my clutter. So sorry to hear about Emily. Thanks for your comments on our blog. It's always nice to know someone is reading it. Judie

  5. Hi just found your blog. Aside from cleaning up after the holidays, we moved in to this house last June and I am dealing with boxes of STUFF. I have like 3 things for the kids. I have a lot of nic nacs, wall decor that frankly i have no room for and my tastes have changed. The kids don't want my things..my daughter in law has her own taste. so will see what I can part with and craigslist it or donate I guess...its a problem and its going to be a big problem for me ongoing for a long, long time, ugh:(