Sunday, January 10, 2010


We went to my favorite new junk places
 looking for a headboard
of course found everything else
 Everything was by the pound
 I calculated out each item cost .70

Inside are wind up music boxes

I can see next years Christmas ornaments...

I don't think the wall hanging
will stay painted with the roses

Not exactly what I'm going to do with these
but they match the dining room

These boxes are perfect for storage in my closet

I was surprised to see they came from Pottery Barn

The plates are part of a tidbit tray
we'll be making clocks out of them

Odds and Ends

This stand is for big pots
 looks small here
but its not

I got the following at Hobby Lobby
Some Home Decor was 66% off
So this was 6.87
They had a lot of merchandise

I have a perfect place for it:

My hsb got his own thrifty find.....

Needless to say.....he was a happy camper

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with Diane from

Thrifty Finds


  1. Oh some very good finds and good prices! I love Junkin!!!

  2. Jo... you know any post titled "Junkin" is going to get my immediate attention! Great buys... love the PB metal boxes... the pretty ornaments for next years tree... everything! Great junkin girl!

  3. nice finds, I like the clock idea, I have made several out of plates, they make great gifts.

  4. Wow what finds. I loved the storage bins I know why now. BTW this is funny because I posted a Pottery Barn find today too. Come over and check it out.
    Have a great day,

  5. I love how your mantle is decorated...very interesting

  6. Excellent finds. I adore Hobby Lobby and can't go without a wallet full of money. I could buy everything in that store.

  7. Fantastic finds! The PB bins are my favorite. So many uses....
    Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday on Tales from Bloggeritaville, this week!

    Tales from Bloggeritaville