Thursday, August 13, 2009

Traditions Party

Please join Marie at Emma Calls me Momma for the 1st Traditions Party!

I can't wait to see the other participants posts!

The kids always got to pick how their cake was to be decorated . We’ve had baseball cakes, aliens, kite cakes, bowling cakes, flower cakes and even bobsled cakes (Olympic inspired), Now they are all grown they have settled in to their favorite flavors. Round and square cakes are always served on the white anchor hocking cake stand my grandmother gave me. When I was antique hunting, I found 2 of exact same cake stands, so now each child can have their own plate for their family traditions.

Andrew 10
Andrew 20
Andrew Chocolate – any kind- he goes btwn black forest and mega mint chocolate chip
Grace 8
Grace 17

Grace – Vanilla cake/vanilla frosting

(no one else likes vanilla so there is always chocolate ice cream lol)

Devon 4

Devon 18
Devon mega mint chocolate chip

Even Elmo likes Birthday cake....

Chuck – black forest bundt cake
Me - any cake I don't have to make

Sundays Mornings

When the kids were little my hsb would make pancakes and once they were finished in the pan the kids would stand behind him and he would flip the pancake over his shoulder and they would chase it with/ their plates. Sometimes they would catch it and sometimes they didn’t. His mother did that with him. About once a month he would made cream cheese crepes and special syrup with whatever fruit we had

Bedtime Routine

When the kids were little up thru elementary school we had a night routine. After dinner it was bath time. After bathing they would all gather in one of the beds to be read to, even the ones who could read would snuggle around Dad while he read a book- they took turns on what book – sometimes they would have to wake him up to finish the story! When my hsb was deployed I would carry on the tradition but it was not the same as when Dad did it. Their bedtime was dependant on their age, we were pretty strict that they all were in bed by 8pm. If they didn’t go to sleep that was ok but they had to be in bed and quiet
Girl's Spa Night
Devon 5 Grace 7
When the girls were little and the"boys" went on their big adventures with Boy Scouts we would have "spa night" They would get facials, mani and pedicures. We had a lot of fun on those nights, laughing eating pizza and just doing girlie things......
Hope you enjoyed a few of our family traditions. When I sat down to write this I realized we had so many things we did/do with the family that it was hard to pick just a few and unfortunately there aren't a whole lot of pictures because we were enjoying the moment not thinking we should document it..................................Jo

Mega Mint Chocolate Chip Cake
Can only eat a small slice b/4 diabetic overload
Chocolate cake mix
Andes Mint chips
Chocolate Frosting – Sometimes you can find mint chocolate chip frosting
Pepperidge Farms Pirouette Cookes – mint chocolate

Make the cake according to the recipe, adding the Andes chips to how much you like mint frost with frosting – if it isn’t mint cc then sprinkle Andes chips btwn the layers. Don’t put the chip in the frosting on the sides because the cookies won’t stick
Cut the cookies to the height of the cake and set them on the sides into the frosting After I get the piourettes in the side I sprinkle leftover chips on top of the cake
It really is overload/kill
Ashley I know you have egg allergies, you can make the eggless chocolate cake recipe I sent you


  1. Hello Jo - your post made me cry. I love all the special things you've done with your children. And the photos are so sweet. Love all the different b-day cakes! What a great variety and how fun to be able to choose what kind. You are a good Mama! The bedtime routine is wonderful. And I love the spa night idea too. My daughters would love that one!

    Thank you for joining the party!


  2. I remember that birthday, that's the year we went to see the Raptors, I still have the signed baseball. My leave's almost here, I can't wait to come home and see you guys. I'll talk to you soon.

  3. What precious and special memories. Your pictures are so wonderful. I love all the various cakes. Bedtime stories and spa days are so special. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

  4. Please post the recipe for the mega mint! That sounds wonderful! I loved the pics of the kids when they were young! They were too cute. That's right Andrew, too cute! HA!!

  5. What precious and special memories.Just beautiful post!

  6. I love putting their cakes on a cake stand just for them!! How special. Beautiful!

  7. My Mom always used to make us a special cake for our Birthday parties too. I love the nighttime reading, I think it's such a great way to instill a love of reading in them when they are young. The spa night looks like lots of fun too! Thanks for sharing your traditions!

  8. The kids have always loved reading and also participated in library programs. Also won alot of prizes over the years. Participated in the school reading programs. Devon also won a library reading award this year but wont let me put the sign she recieved in the lawn. I truely enjoyed the time spent reading to them and has been a very special memory that I have. love you all. Dad.

  9. What sweet traditions. Loved the old photos!
    Neat to see the kids grow before our eyes.

  10. What wonderful pictures and sweet traditions!
    My how fast they grow!
    Have a great day!