Monday, August 10, 2009

New Skill!

I took a matting and framing class on the base tonight!

I learned how to cut double mats. I also hammered and glued the frame together
Check it out:
I finished the back with paper and learned how to correctly put the wire on - did you know there was a quick and easy way to do the twists? All you do it wrap it around loosely then slide it down and it tightens Who knew!
The official back of the project:

ince I took the class, I now can use the matting and frame shop on base during DIY hours
It is much cheaper - a standard piece of mat 32x40 is $12
No more Michael's for me!
I have to admit is was a bit scary cuz if you mess up your done, luckily I got to practice !
Did any of you know that there are zero center rulers
that you can use to center those sawtooth hangers easily?
No more measuring one end then the other!

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  1. now that's a new skill worth learning... and your framed artwork looks so professional! I think i need to find a class!