Sunday, August 9, 2009

Today's Thrifty Finds - The Longest Yd Sale

We started off the weekend just going to local yard sales and a used furniture store.
 I did get this for $25. I don't get the dead birds and fruit. I will be changing that!

After driving all over we decided we should just go
and do part of the Hwy 127 sale.
So we started out north of Eaton Ohio to Cincy.

Within about a mile we came up to a church sale.
My hsb found these forks for .25 a piece.
They will be bird baths, plate holders and business card holders

I got this lunchbox style basket for .25.
Please check out to see how this picnic basket was transformed

I also found this wallpaper border for .50. I plan to use it in future craft projects:

We drove and stopped at many flea markets, barn, garage, and yard sales
At one barn sale I got the following:
These are single earrings and they were free!
They will become pendants or part of pieces of jewelry

I got these earrings for .50 !
We stopped at a lot of places and saw a lot of really nice things for great prices. I had a certain budget and only got things I could use - I had to walk away from a really nice glass base lamps, circ 1930's. they were $35 for the pair. I don't have any where for them so they stayed behind.
Next year we plan on making the trip into KY

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  1. Oh, all of your finds are so neat. I love them. You really did well. Hugs, Marty