Friday, August 21, 2009

Bats in the Belfry....

Well not exactly my belfry - in my dining room. We've lived here 5 yrs and we've had 4 bats - last yr we had 2. I didn't get a picture of the creature this time I was to busy hiding behind the door as my husband (yes he's the bat man - def my hero!) caught him and released him back to the wilds.

This is a picture of one of previous guests -no I didn't take the picture my son did - he even videoed it - thought it was cool - me not so much

Last nights guest decided to hide so he couldn't be caught until this am before my hsb went to work....needless to say it was a sleepless night at my house for me. I didn't use to mind them not any more.....I Don't like Bats in any shape or form! Not funny for Halloween - not any more especially after the night I was laying in bed minding my own business reading and one flew right over my head. Yes, matter of fact, I did scream like a little girl. Ever since I have been horrified by them. And yes I have been the brunt of every bat joke -don't care don't like them

They are just plain nasty, nasty and even more nasty. They may eat mosquitos, I don't care stay where you belong - not in my house! They all make fun of me because I"M SURE the bats in my house are ALL not really but its my story and I'm sticking to it.......beside how could you warm up to a bat - they look like flying rats????
Now its gone I'm gonna go catched some ZZZZZZZZZZZ.......Jo


  1. honey ive told you about sleeping with your mouth open ............... one of your bats got out of your befry
    love ya

  2. Jo, So how do you think your unwanted house guests are coming inside? Do you have an attic or a soffit that has been compromised somehow? Can't imagine having one of these creatures in the house. They do look like flying rats. eeewww...
    Maybe you need critter control. Sorry, I have to snicker a little cuz 5 years ago I had to pay the critter guy $100 to remove 2 fighting squirrels from my fireplace flue and return them to the wild. All because the chimney cap had been damaged by them trying to get in $500 later for a custom stainless steel cap, and I no longer have issues with wildlife.
    I hope you can solve your issues soon. I would have screamed initially, too. Then I would've been after them with the broom!!
    :-) Sue

  3. Horrid! Much worse than the huge toad that was swimming around in my pool today until my hubby came home and fished it out!

  4. Oh gosh! That would have terrified me!

    Kat :)