Wednesday, August 12, 2009

DIY Pin cushion/Sewing Kits

Canning Jar Pin Cushions and Sewing kits
canning jar - jelly size with metal band and lids
hot glue gun
fabric scraps
sewing kit
If you plan on making more than one I would make a template out of card stock first:
Measure the inside lid and add an inch around it:

If you look closely you can see the pencil marks
Using the cardstock cut out a piece using the lid

Place the canning ring on your fabric to center the design:

Using the template draw on the wrong side of the fabric and cut it out
Using a small amount if fiberfill on top of the canning lid:
Adjust the fabric pattern:

Glue the fabric to the lid:

Apply hot glue to the cardstock piece that you cut using the lid earlier
You can apply the glue to the lid instead
Apply to cover over the edges:
Screw the lid on the jar, add pins and your done

The skull one below is a sewing kit
It is done the same way except you use a larger jar
buy a sewing kit at either the Dollar store or Walmart
Place the items in the bottom and you are done
Depending on the fabric, jars, pins and sewing kit you can make these very inexpensively They would make great gifts for newlyweds and college students


  1. What a great idea! I especially love the sewing kit, as my son has several sons leaving for college this week...they will most certainly find they need this at some point. Thanks!

  2. This would make such a great gift idea! I am loving the idea of adding them to gift baskets. Maybe housewarming, crafting, etc.

  3. Those are so cute and clever. What a great little gift they would make!

  4. I think I'll make one for myself.. This is SO cute!

  5. What a cute idea and a great little gift, thanks for sharing!