Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Mini Bags

The embellishments
are from Walmart
$1 per bag
The lace I had on hand

I got the bags
at The Dollar Tree
3 for $1

the tutorial how I did them

set 1

set 2

set 3

It is fun to see how you can
 use what bits and pieces
you have for lace,
 ribbon etc to make these
 I thought they would
 be fun to fill with candies
 cookies or 
just something small


  1. Filled with cookies or candy?! Oh yeah, Jo, you can send one my way. lol They are too cute. You are so crafty! Are you ready for Christmas? Will you have company or are you going anywhere? Call me next week so we can go and get a coffee!

  2. How cute! You dressed them up great and I like that you were able to use mostly what you had on hand. These make for wonderful gift bags.

  3. So sweet. I would hang them on the tree with little snacks in them or maybe even string them together for an Advent garland filled with projects or mini gifts. So happy you linked this to Motivated Monday at beColorful.