Saturday, December 10, 2011

Church and Opera House

Grace Baptist Church

This was the original
they have built a larger room
and this one is used for weddings
and other services

This stain glass is a Tiffany
is dated 1902

The Cedarville Opera House was originally
 constructed in 1886 and became the center
of community life for over 60 years.
It hosted many musical, educational,
theatrical, and even political programs.

 In 1956, because of greater accessibility
 and interest in outside entertainment, 
the Opera House closed its doors 
and was not used for the next 30 years.


the worn floors
the stories they could tell

The balcony

the metal under the chair
is for men's hats

painting on the side of the stage

 Balcony booths

The Balcony

The lobby is on the second floor

the ticket booth

In the early 1980s, citizens took a revived
 interest in the opera house and, in 1984
, the Cedarville Opera House was 
placed on the
 of Cedarville. Citizens helped restore 
and rebuild the buiding, and in 1994
 the Cedarville Opera House reopened.
 The following year
 was formed. Since then, a full array of 
programs including music, theater, 
and literary recitals have been 
held for the enjoyment of the public.

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  1. I love old theaters and auditoriums like this. We had(have) one in Twin Falls, but the balcony was taken out years ago for safety reasons and it's been remodeled into moderninity. (a word?) Thanks for the tour.