Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Outside My Window.... Wednesday

There are more than birds
at the feeder outside my window


I saw the branch move and noticed this one:

We have a lot of squirrels but this time
 of year they pretty much
bounce from limb to limb
threw the leave canopy

We get a lot of birds because
 there is a huge Mulberry Tree
outside this window
It does get rather messy

Mourning Dove

We also have a bunny
but they are rather shy


  1. You practically have a animal sanctuary. Good viewing.

  2. Very cool! (But isn't it only Tuesday? LOL)

  3. A lot of my nature shots are done in my yard also. I have had hawks, squirrels, dragonflys, spiders and all. I enjoy walking along my creek bank with the camera in hand. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your background is back! Much better. I'm am very shocked at how much more wildlife I saw in my old backyard in town than here in the county. No deer, bunnies, groundhogs, fox and only 1 or 2 squirrels. :(

  5. Isn't it fun to see outside and watch all of the critters? You have a busy backyard!

  6. Looks we both went to the squirrels this week. Not many pretty birds, but plenty of these critters.

  7. You "hot" lots of critters on this outing! Very cute!

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  8. Cool photos! So much to see right outside our windows...we just have to look!
    Jane (Artfully graced)

  9. How wonderful that you don't have travel far to see all those cute critters.

  10. I think you must be a very kind person to have so many animals around your house.
    Joyce M

  11. Great pictures...how big do ground hogs get? We have raccoons, squirrels, possum, and all kinds of birds here!

  12. Cute critters!

  13. I just discovered the Outdoor Wednesday links and I'm SO enjoying them! Love your squirrels, we had some a few years ago, but they have moved on. The bunnies are still here though and while they are very shy while I'm around, the weren't too shy to eat my seedlings in my garden!