Thursday, July 21, 2011

Buckeye Blogadventure 2

gave us these adorable
Buckeye Charms
that her daughter made

yes they are attached 
to a playing card

I think she 
should market them!

And Susie Q brought
some yummmyyy 
Buckeye Blast
I forgot to take 
a shot
before we
  wolfed it down ate it
so this is from Susie Q's

After lunch 
we headed over to 
(yes they have dreaded round abts)

There was a shop 
Sue wanted us to check out
they closed at 2

I had been there before
 and bought a few treasures

But that didn't stop us

There was a thrift store
in which the proceeds go to 
Hospice of Miami County
For All Seasons
I bought a large bamboo tray
I'm hoping will go 
over my fireplace
I will post photos 
of my treasures 
at another time

We then ventured over to
Lagniappe Consignment Shop

Honestly I thought
they were way over priced 
and not really very friendly

I did fall in love 
with this arrangement

This was outside the stores 
on the sidewalk

After the last stop it was time to head on home
I can't wait until the next one!


  1. What fun buckeye goodies. You bloggers really did up the town.

  2. I hate I missed out on the fun, but I'll be at the next one.

    Try to stay cool. La

  3. We sure did have a fun time, didn't we? Hope we can get together soon for a little outing of our own. Hope it cools down a bit- it was horrible being out in the garden yesterday! :-)