Thursday, February 17, 2011

Who is that guy??

So today
I go into our 
local bookstore
and Rosi asks me if
 Chuck and I can 
come in at 6 tonight
 because the paper is doing 
an article on them and 
they wanted to have 
some of their customers
 in the store 
So I tell her ok
Chuck calls me 
and says he had
 had a bad day at work 
and his boss let him
 off 15 min early
so we go up to the bookstore
My dtrs car was in the back
 which was odd because on Thurs 
she serves meals at the church
but its not unusual for her to
 be at the bookstore
So we go in and I look
 for her and there is a guy
 in the chair reading a magazine
I saw him and it hit me odd 
then Devon came up to me
 and in the process of me 
asking her why she wasn't
 at the church my head tells 
me look at the guy again 
and I realize

 IT'S MY SON!!!!! 
My brain can't process
why my son who is stationed
 in Italy is sitting in the chair!!

My hsb is busy looking
 at books He had seen me 
hugging someone but didn't
 get it I said 
do you see who this is???
It has been 18 mo since
 we've seen him so needless 
to say I was besides myself!

The evil children.....

Iz is in love.....

It's gonna be a great visit!

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  1. What a super surprise!! Enjoy your time with your family!!