Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I took over 
my Mom's blog
She had the bright idea 
to take Valentine's photos
of me

I really didn't want to
so I tried the pitiful look

 Then Dad came home
and I had to do it

Come on Dad 
she's take a bizzillion already

These aren't even real
and they don't taste

Hey these aren't even real????!

I'm booooreedddd

Are we done yet????? 

and Mom's most favorite:


  1. Izzy looks so cute! Fur babies always endure so much at our hands, don't they? Saw that you got pretty flowers from the hubs for V-Day! I always tell the husband not to bring me anything, but sure enough- I got red roses Sunday. They do smell good! Give me a ring one of these days, ok? ~ Sue