Saturday, February 5, 2011

Spring...a young squirrels fancy

The Chase

When a male finds a
female squirrel, he
begins to court her.

Just like the male squirrels
love to mate, so do
the females. They essentially
play "hard to get."

 The chase
is exactly that--the male chases
the female up, down and around
trees and branches. 

She runs ahead,
stops, waits for him
 to catch up
 then runs off again. 

This can go on 
for days until she finally
lets him catch her.

 Don't be
fooled, though—the
females have full control

over their mates.

I think there might be some competition.....


  1. We watch the squirrels do this very thing in the trees in our back yard! They crack me up.

  2. How cute that she waits for him to catch up. It's a delicate balance between playing hard to get and being unattainable. :o)