Monday, February 14, 2011

A surprise

My hsb and I agree
every Valentine's Day
not to buy each other anything
We have a gd meal
and celebrate
Sunday we had 
steak and lobster
(don't you love when 
you score something on sale
 ie $6 for 2 lobster tails at Aldis)
a nice salad and veggies
I dipped strawberries and apricots
in chocolate
end of celebration....
soooo I thought....
.......until this afternoon
as I am mixing meatloaf
with my hands
my phone keeps ringing
I wash my hands
 and I had a txt 
which I thought said
something different
 than what it did
I call my hsb
 and he says go 
look out the front door

This what I found 

I love yellow roses

Boy was I surprised!

Thank got me this year!