Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I had seen these baby spoons
 I knew, I had
to make them
 as baby gifts

I used
plastic alphabet letters
I got at Walmart
 in the kid craft dept
beads I had
22gauge wire
and baby spoons

I started by wrapping the wire 
around the top abt 10 times

then I went threw the sides
of the letters

After going threw both sets of holes
I wrapped the wire tightly
around the spoon 3 times

then added the beads
wrapping around the spoon 3 times
 to secure the beads

I did use a dab of Aleene's jewelry 
to glue the beads together
when I was finished

One person will be stringing
 a ribbon through the hole
 using it as an ornament
 for their Christmas tree

Another plans to put
 it in a shadow box


  1. Too cute and a great idea for a baby shower gift! I need to remember this for my next one!

  2. How cute!

    I'm your newest follower from Market Yourself Monday :)

    Feel free to stop by and follow back: http://ashleycreations-a.blogspot.com/2010/12/monday-blog-hops.html

    - Ashley

  3. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing.

  4. They look great! I love those letter beads and thanks for linking back to me!