Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lemon Sugar Scrub Gifts

Lemon scrub

I got the recipe and tags are here

I did a little bit of a change
I like the coarser sugar
so I used 

1 1/4 C raw sugar
1 1/4 C white Sugar
1 C olive oil

then add 4Tbsp or abt 1 lemon

I use one of these to get the most out
of the lemon

I also warm the lemon in

mix well
and spoon into a jar

to deocrate I used the tags from the link above 
I printed them on white but it didn't
give it the look I wanted 
so I dabbed on the  following

 to make it look more antique

I then wanted to do 
something special for the spoons
I have another project
 I am going to do w 
the thinner baby spoons
so while looking for them 
I cam across these 
and they were perfect

so I got out some jewels
I had and E6000
and glitzed them up

then it was time to put it together

the ribbon wouldn't stay so it was back to square one

I had these plastic bags

It makes abt four 8 oz jars
 w a little left over for you 
 I added more sugar for a 5th jar


  1. Great idea. I've made it, but didn't think about adding the lemon...yummy

  2. I would love to find that under my tree on Christmas morning. La

  3. that is so neat.....thanks for sharing that cool idea.

  4. I am going to be using this for a few gifts this year . how many jars does the reciepe make

  5. I bet this smells really yummy! You've been busy, girl! Cute job on the spoons to hide the "gerber" logo. How do you find the time to do all this? I am still struggling to come out from under the box chaos- they are all upstairs in a spare bedroom. LOL~ Sue

  6. The spoons are totally a cute idea. I love the lemon scrub. I have made some of this before. I needed a spoon to get mine out. Great job!

  7. I love this recipe. I've made a similar one, but I love the addition of lemon! And that spoon is to die for cute!! I'd love to have you submit this to the M&T Spotlight: