Thursday, December 23, 2010

11 weeks

This week has been an interesting one
I now weigh 18.4lbs

I like laying around 

even on Moms boots when she is cooking
no I was NOT chewing on them

I got my second set of shots
and a new one
Mom took me home and 
my face started to swell like a hippo
so she took me back and I got 2 more
icky shots!
but then I got to stay w/ Dr Matt
and the office staff loved on me for 2 hrs!

I am learning how to speak
with hand and verbal signs

I'm doing pretty good with sitting
on command

I love fighting with my Dad

I actually barked to go out!
my people were really happy!

I tried to mouth off to Mom
which didn't go so well for me
she has no humor....

I love chillin with Dad


  1. Isabella is growing by leaps and bounds! She has such a pretty face and it sounds like her training is going really well. Fantastic!

    Merry Christmas, Jo! La

  2. Beautiful.....such a great face! Aren't they wonderful to have around?

  3. Merry Christmas! You have your hands full that is for sure!!

  4. So darn cute! I just can't get over how cute it is...I really want a doggie too.

  5. Isabella is looking awful cute at your husband's feet. And a little tuckered out, too!
    Gee, Jo- I can't believe you don't have a sense of humor! LOL Guess she needs to get to know you better... Have a very Merry Christmas with your family and its latest addition.
    hugs, Sue