Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quick and Easy Ornament

I've been working on a few ornaments
with the embellishments I got at Michaels

There were a couple of challenges

one is the foam 
on the back of the embellishment
it won't let it lie flat 
so I peeled it off

and applied Aleene's Tacky glue

I did it on both layers
because they didn't bend to the curve

I left a little of the foam for depth
then applied it to the ball
and smoothed it out

applied the glue 
and matched up the top layer

let it dry
add a bow 
and viola!


  1. Jo, these turned out beautifully. La

  2. very pretty and so unique.. I know your tree will be lovely.

  3. It so pretty/! Great project and it would make nice Christmas gifts as well.

  4. And here I thought I'd bought all of the K&CO Christmas embellishments but have GOT to find these! Too cute!

  5. Cute and easy--I like your blog party banner, too.

  6. wow. you are just whipping up these ornaments as if it's nothing. I still prefer the other one that you featured with us at the DIY Craft Tutorial Party last time, but this one is also marvellous, and seemingly so easy.

    I have a little favor to ask: could you please link the logo of FineCraftGuild to instead? I would SO LOVE THAT! Thank you much and thank you too for this contribution to the current party, again.

    Keep them coming... your work is very lovely, indeed.