Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Craft Shopping

I went searching for embellishments
and craft items to do Christmas projects

Michaels has quite a bit in their dollar bins

I found these stamps and ink pads

These stickers

Out of the pkg

The following weren't in the dollar bin


I really liked these
I thought abt putting them on 
Christmas ornaments
 but they don't bend easily

There are a lot 
of different designs

The one thing I didn't find
was Christmas ribbon
there was only a few spools
Always b/4 they had an whole
side of an isle
but I couldn't find one
at Michaels
and Joann's had even less

Have you been happy 
with what is out there 
or does it seem like 
the marketing its odd??

1 comment:

  1. I really like those Anna Griffin tags.

    I've noticed the same thing about Christmas merchandise. I was at Walmart last week and they didn't have much on display at all. I thought it kind of odd and actually said something to my co-worker about it. Maybe they are stocking less because they feel it is going to be a slow year.

    Have a great day! La