Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dining by Rail

Saturday night
we went to a fundraiser
for the historical society

It was Dining by Rail

Each table had a model train
as a centerpiece

abt 72 people attended

The placemat had sample menu items
from the different railroad companies

Some of the people who 
are on the railroad display committee
volunteered to be porters
for the evening

Above us
is some of the museum artifacts
there is also
a train display of our city
We had multiple train companies

 A Conestoga wagon

Old Bikes

The menu

We started with Sherried Fruit Cocktail 

Dinner was buffet style
All the food was prepared from
actual dining car recipes

Salad w/ Pa.Dsg
which was interesting - it tasted like eggs
or  Red Drg which was like French Dsg
Then Pork Chop Normandy
Sliced Turkey w/ Broccoli Supreme
Puff Potatoes
Diamond Cheese Biscuit
Corn and Green Pepper Saute
String Beans w/ mushrooms


French Apple Pie w/ nutmeg Sauce

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

This drawing has been made 
into Christmas cards 
for a fundraiser

There also was a presenter
John Portfeild
discussed the history
of the dining car 
and dining by rail

He has written a book 
with recipes


  1. What a fun dinner. I love all the trains at each table. Sounds like a lot of fun and a good cause.

  2. That looks like my kind of fundraiser - with food you actually want to eat. Looks yummy. I like the train centerpieces. Very cute.

  3. What a charming idea! I'd have been there, as well---I have a life-long love affair with trains, having been raised in a tiny Southern town that the passenger trains came through. I've spent many a delightful evening up a tree down the block, as I watched the people in the dining cars having those romantic meals, with white-coated waiters flourishing those silver coffeepots.

    I'm going to do that someday, if I have to ride Amtrak to California and back, just for the compartments and the dining car.

  4. I would have loved this! I am sure you had such fun...thank you for letting us come along for the *train ride*!!