Monday, August 30, 2010

Mon Ami Winery

When Chuck and I 
got married almost 15 yrs ago
we couldn't afford much for 
a honeymoon but I did
fly out to Ohio
from AZ and we
stayed at a bed abd breakfast
then went
to Kelly's Island on Lake Erie
for the day
We also went to Mon Ami
for dinner and wine

The place has changed alot over the years
The main room now is open
it use to be booths
and tables

there are 2 barrel shaped booths

The night we went they had a pasta bar
where you selected the type pasta
sauce and the ingredients and they cooked
it i front of you

When we were there before they had a seperate building
called the chalet
it was a small 
run down chalet
with a fireplace

this is what they call the chalet now

not even close

the grounds

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  1. I remember a place to eat like that in NE Georgia that had the long tables. They sat a party on either side, then skipped a chair and sat the next party. The food was delicious!! Those were the days!