Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Amish Buggies

Depending on the religious order (sect),
 buggies may:
range in style from carts, open wagons, 
open or enclosed buggies.
range in color from gray,
 black, yellow, white, etc.

have wipers for rain and snow
may use reflective tape 
and triangles on back

have batteries for lights 
or kerosene/gas lanterns
have wheels made of steel or rubber

In North America:
over 90 varieties of vehicles are used

sects using buggies may include
the Amish, Mennonites--Old Order
or Horse and Buggy, and the Brethren

General buggy facts:
normal speed of  a buggy is
between  5 to 8 mph

standard bred horses are generally
used to pull the buggy and  usually
cost between $600 - $2,800

size of the buggy varies
from settlement to settlement --
sometimes the terrain traveled
over determines size

price of buggies range from $2,250 
to over $4,600 price of a
surrey $2,750 to $4,800  (1997 prices)

driving harness - $300 (July 1999 price)
buggy robes - approx. $40 (September 1999 price)
horse blanket - approx. $46 (November 1999 price)

special features on buggies
vary from settlement to settlement

a Formica coating on the
buggy helps with the buggy

buggies have been known
to last for over 30 years*


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  2. What an interesting post. I loved learning about Amish Buggies!! Thanks Jo!

  3. What beautiful shots. Reminds me of Lancaster,PA-we visited there several years ago. The buggies has a certain nostalgia and I really love that.

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