Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I can't believe....

... it's been
30 days
since I did anything crafty!
lampshade bird bath

I have a bizzillion ideas 
running around in my puny head
not to mention
 I have items stuck all over the place!

Why, you ask?

Well lets see..
.in 6 weeks we went on 3 trips




Lake Erie

I love each and everyone of them but
oh my
what terrible planning on my part
You've seen my trips and all the fun
things we have seen and done
but I'm ancy

A couple of wrenches have been
thrown in the way as well
I still have red bumps 

Can you believe it has been almost

from those lovely chigger creatures
I sure hope I don't have any scars
they no longer itch but I don't 
feel comfortable going out in
public w/o long pants
  and in this recent 90+ temps
it makes it difficult
I got nothing accomplished the
first 14 days w/ them 
they either hurt or itched or both!

While in the process of packing up
one dtr to move her from
one apt to another
our other dtr called in pain
and ended up
 having surgery the next day, 
My hsb left on Fri am driving to MI
to be with her while I helped our other dtr
pack clean and move

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Dtr #1 was kept overnight and d/c the
next am and my hsb helped her move as well
(she was in the process of getting 
ready to move back home
when this all happened)
as soon as the Dr gives his ok
she be heading south
so that will be another trip!
 (OOPS -I forgot that)
We will become re-nesters for awhile


He then drove back home 6 hrs that eve
and the next day
we finished w/ the dtr here
luckily it was in the
 same complex and close

Today I am beat
and the next week
we will be busy
getting things ready
for our dtrs return
(we kind of re-purposed her old room)


.it will have to wait a little longer
but SOON
I will be taking this stuff
and making
 some awesome
 new stuff!!!

clipart from Microsoft Office


  1. You are a very busy lady. I look forward to seeing what you create. La

  2. Wow! You have been really busy. I hope everything works out well and that you have some time to do the things you love to do.

    Hugs XX
    Moore Whimsies

  3. So much going on! I hope both of your daughters are doing well and the one moving home will benefit from your Mama love I'm sure!!