Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thrifty Finds

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The other day I went in to help out at the thrift store I use to manage
and found these treasures for $2!

The picnic basket is for my dtr - so she won't use mine! The 2 glasses were .50 a piece I'm planning on using them for my dtr fiesta graduation party I thought I'd put paper flowers on them for the table. And the basket teapot was just to cute and I knew it would have to go on top of my kitchen cabinets and for .50 who could complain?
Close Ups of the basket teapot


  1. Love your finds and at a great price, too! I have a similar picnic basket, but in green. And that teapot is adorable!

  2. The basket tea pot is soooo unusual I love it AND the little tags hanging by a ribbon from it.

  3. Love the tea pot. I recently purchased a white one with a blue basket it on, then later found and old scarf with a blue basket embrodiered on it, that said "Buy Me." The entire time I'm thinking this is so Reba, (my sister) but now it is So Me.... she says I'm quite selfish, but she'll get over it and you never know what I will find on my next Thrift Store adventure.


  4. That is just adorable! Loveeeeahhhh the teapot!