Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tray Transformation

I have been working on a table. First I couldn't get the color paint I wanted, then I went out to spray paint it and yes the wind decided to blow. Now there hasn't been a bit of wind ALL DAY until I decided to spray paint soooo I guess my table will have to wait until next week

This has been seen all over the blogasphere, but I'm going to post it any way......
I bought this tray a few weeks ago, to try my hand at a chalkboard tray

After being spray painted silver and chalkboard paint

The spray paint went on without a hitch, however......I first tried spray chalkboard paint but because the tray has curved corners, I couldn't get it in there well, so I ended up getting the paint on version to finish this.I guess somedays it just doesn't work out the way you planned.
Does anyone else have days like this? or is it just me?


  1. It looks fabulous. Yes, I have days like that almost everyday. Seems that my plans don't always work out either, but I usually like the finished project. Yours are super. Hugs, Marty

  2. I like the soft edges even though it was more difficult to do.

    BTW, most of my days are "days like this". ;)

  3. We all have days with glitches in them and some where it all comes together. Your tray came together very well.

  4. My middle name is glitch! Painter's tape is my new best friend! Curved, squiggly, or straight, it keeps the paint off places I don't want it.


  5. It looks good. I just got done working with chalkboard paint, too. I'm impressed with how well it works.

  6. Nahhh :) I think we all have some of these days.

    I love painters tape too!

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥

  7. Hi JO !
    I haven't used the roll on chalk paint yet..only the spray - but, I can say that I usually like rolling better - better coverage...Great vision on that tray !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  8. Just about every day! I call it live and learn. Sometimes things just aren't meant to be, I guess. But I still think the chalkboard tray is awfully cute. Don't give up on it! Add some trim to the inside edges and see how it looks. Like hot glue shells or something.

  9. Um yeah... all the time! LOL The project turned out great though :)


  10. Heroic job. Sometimes I spray the paint into a little cup and touch up with my finger or Q-Tip.

  11. Hi Jo,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes..some days are better than others.
    I haven't tired the chalk board paint..looks fun and quick. I could add that to my List!!!
    Great deals at Hobby Lobby...wish there was one around here...sadly no.
    Deb :)

  12. Hi Jo! It takes me days to finish anything...and I'm not so sure I always have an excuse! lol I haven't tried chalkboard paint yet. You are making me want to give it a try! Have a great week!...Debbie