Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Secret Swap

What I sent 
my secret swap

This was a challenge for me
since my person
does not like witches
and I had had a whole witch idea
planned in my head b/4 
I got my name

So I regrouped 
and took on the challenge
to design 
for Donna
This is the bag I designed
(You can click on the links
 for the tutorials)

I'm not very much 
of a cat person
My daughter has one and 
it is sweet 
but I have never 
been a big fan
ok that being said
Donna like cats

this is  the card I made
using Happy Hauntings
the purple is a color paint chip
the Boo and cats were 
embellishments from Walmart
Inside the bag:

3 stamps: Happy Halloween
spiderweb border
candycorn border 
orange stamp pad
scrapbook brads
(she scrapbooks)
A handmade bookmark
a window toy 
3 Good Earth Tea
(my favorite Fall tea
and she has tea parties)
candy corn socks

It was a fun challenge
and I am looking forward
to seeing how Donna likes the bag

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