Sunday, October 30, 2011

My new "old" cart

I got this cart at GW outlet 
for $2

I wasn't sure what
 I was going to do with it

I just thought it was cute
but not really into the pink


I decided to crackle finish it
I thought copper as the base
 until I put it on and didn't like it at all
way too pink

so a used a brown

since I wanted it aged looking
I wasn't overly careful
in painting

I then put the crackle finish
and once it dried applied
Heirloom White

Viola it started
cracking right away

I had a few flubs
 I had to go over 
but in the end 
that made it 
look more aged

I painted the wheels heirloom
ochre color

I don't usually 
like crackle finish
but I thought it
 would look better
as an aged piece

I plan to use it 
to display items
when I have 
my craft booth

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  1. It does look aged. I like it better in the white. WOnder what it was used for before.