Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Spray Paint Season

My family makes fun of me
I've am being known as the 
Spray Paint Queen....

I found this new color 
urban beige by Valspar


I did the chair
in the front we painted 2 yrs
ago a brown stone 
I didn't want the white



it stuck out to much
so we did it in brown


I posted abt it here


well it blended in to well so I went 
with the Urban beige

We started weeding today
so please disregard the weeds
This flower bed is usually all


I liked it so well I 
spray painted these 2 items

I bought this tray quite a while back 
and wasn't sure what I was going to use it for

but found a place for it
I wish it was a little bit bigger
so I could make  it a coffee center but oh well

I have quite a few more things
to paint but I'm not sure 
what color



  1. I love it, but I want the bench. I have been looking for one of these everywhere. I am a spray painting queen also. I did a chandelier for my daughters room, the patio table and chairs.

  2. think I could use it on my frames to make them shabby? I need a fast solution. I have lots of frames to paint and make into message boards. Do they have an antique white?

  3. I love the new color of the chair! If it would just stop raining here, I would be right along with you! Spray here, Spray there, Here a Spray, There a Spray...LOL!