Monday, April 4, 2011


Well it has been one of those days......

I let Iz out and the last time
 I checked she was sitting on the porch
then I looked out to see this...

I had to take photos
You can hardly see 
the pink harness

A face a Mom
 could love

So guess who decided 
that they could side
 jump on the bed
on the way to the bath???
Yup the 1st time
 she has ever done it
and she was quick at it

The bath was a Lucy episode
I put the hand held sprayer 
down and water went everywhere
mud a flyin' too

this was after the clean up 
the water poured mud

I m head to toe

Off to do laundry...

What a day....
This is why 
I don't have
 white in my house...


  1. love your your doggie... :)

  2. Oh My! Those puppy days. I'm very glad Cooper is not fond of the water. My friends dogs love it and are always wet and dirty. One more thing to check when choosing a breed if you are a clean freak!