Friday, April 1, 2011

GW Outlet

On Sunday 
we went to one of my favorite
thrift places GW outlet
We went to where it was
 on Sat and I was bummed
cuz it was GONE
When we stopped at a reg GW
 we found out  it had moved
down thw road to a 
brand new store!
so Sun we went
I got 3 wallpaper books
for $2 a piece
a box

We got these windows for $2 a piece..

We also got a leather chair 
for $12
(marked down from $18)
Right now my husband is using
it until he can find a chair
he likes

then we will put it in the office

Not bad for $12


  1. Wow, you did find some gorgeous treasures. The leather chair alone was worth the trip. Hugs, Marty

  2. Wow Jo! Great finds!! I have never been there and it looks like somewhere I need to go! : )
    I was hoping we could get together soon! It has been too long! Maybe Sue, you and I could meet for lunch??