Thursday, January 27, 2011

Turn the page....

I've decided to cut down
 the paper clutter
so I have started scanning
 things I want
to save to put on CD

I started with cookbooks/magazines
(these are only a few)

It is amazing how you collecting
 them over the years

Since it's just the 2 of us 
we really don't need all those
casserole/family recipes

Its funny how you save things
 to use in the future 
then one day you realize
 that it doesn't fit 
"you" any more

It is also funny to see what use to be "in"

What were we thinking....

Lets home none of these come back....

So far I have cut down

 more than 1/2 of the magazines
booklets etc

Some will find a home
 with a young family
others will be sold
 to a local used bookstore

Tomorrow I get to go threw
7 years of these:

and 5 years of jewelry magazines

How abt you? Do you have magazine/books
that are no longer you?


  1. A whole house that is going in the dumpster next week! It feels so good to shed all the unnecessary stuff. Have fun decluttering your stuff.

  2. Oh wow those sweatshirts! I remember when they were all the craze! Whew, I'm with you, hope they don't come back. yes I'm going through so many magazines I've kept, mostly Southern Living, to just keep the few things I really want in them and to pass them on.

  3. Oooo....I love those "checkout line" cookbook magazines. I have cupboard full of them. Sad part is that I couldn't find a recipe if I tried.

  4. Went through all my mags during my purge earlier in the month. Wow, what a lot of stuff I held onto. Pulled some tear sheets and re-cycled the rest. I need one of those scanner things they sell on TV. Maybe I should opt for the trial and put everything onto a CD.
    Bring your stuff over and we can share it! LOL