Monday, January 10, 2011

Can it....

I bought these coffee pods

so that when my hsb
 is in a hurry in the am
he can just throw them
 in add water and viola
 I hated throwing them away
when they were empty
thinking they have
 to be good for something

I have been wanting to do something 
I first thought 
abt scrapbooking paper
but remembered 
I got this paintable wallpaper

at GW discount store
so after cutting it to fit the container
I applied modpodge to the container

then adjusted it to fit

after that I let it dry
I wasn't sure if I wanted to paint it
or stain it etc
I finally narrowed it down to these 2

I chose 

I painted it let it dry for awhile

then wiped off some of it

I did try and you can take the 
top off and spray paint
it with plastic spray paint
and probably will do 
it with future ones
This did not take much time to do
probably more time to
dry than to make

I think these will be perfect
to use these for all
those things you
want to hide decoratively

(right now all my projects
have to be done 
during doggie nap time


  1. Great idea.Taking a cheap plastic container and making it look expensive.

  2. WOW!! What wall paper can do!! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  3. At first I thought you covered the container in damask fabric. Nice job!

  4. Very cool! love the way it turned out!

  5. LOVE it!!! I detest tacky looking things sitting out and try to find creative ways to make them look more appealing, but I had not thought of this! Thanks for sharing your idea!