Monday, January 24, 2011

16wks/ 4 mo

I can't believe
 Isabella's 4 months old today!

That means she has lived in her forever home for 
1/2 of her life already

She loves to sit and look out the window 
at  birds and squirrels

This is the bestest spot cuz
she can 
sleep next to the 
heat register and look outside

She's lost 4 teeth
2 on the bottom have come in
which looks very odd

She has started sleeping
 most of the night 6-8 hrs
When she gets tired at 9pm
she walks into her kennel 
and lays down 

This picture is sort of sad to me

8 wks                                               16 wks


  1. What a cute fur baby! My chocolate lab is 7 months in a few weeks.

  2. She is growing by leaps and bounds!