Monday, September 13, 2010


Meet Ziggy
he is our granddog
Our dtr moved back home 
for awhile and he
has come too

He has fallen for his grandpa
everywhere he goes there is Ziggy

Little Miss Thang isn't so sure
 she wants to share her grandpa
with anyone

This morning he fell asleep at my feet
he's like a furnace
he'll come in handy this winter

she really likes his ears
and tail....

He lived in MI
until moving to OH
he switched sides
very quickly....

(This is what happens
when you leave the dog w/ your parents
for an afternoon)

We even took him to the park

Yup I think he's at home


  1. Jo he is adorable! Cute Grand dog that is for sure!

  2. He's so cute. Is he a Chinese Crested?

  3. My kids just looked at these pics and now they want one - he is adorable!
    here from the hop :)

  4. Jo, I love that you have made Ziggy a buckeye fan! Too cute... Are you up for brunch at all this coming week? I could meet ya in Xenia this time, if there is someplace you would like to go....
    hugs, Sue