Monday, September 6, 2010


On Saturday we helped with a
rocket launch event

A friend of ours Jason
(in the hat)
is the man behind 

Xenia Kids and Robots

XKAR is a science and technology club
for school aged children.
It was started in 2009
with the mission to empower,
 inspire and motivate kids
to their highest potential
in the areas of
Science, Technology,
Character and Community

We got involved when Jason 
needed money to have a 
community event to give kids
 free rockets and lunch

We put out a challenge 
on FB to friends and  the community 
 if 10 people gave $50
my hsb would wear a kilt

and another friend would dress up
in a costume

unfortunately the costume
 had not been returned to the costume shop!

Well they ended up with 
enough money that
he bought 25 rockets
and the food was donated
We ended up with  30 kids
 that were not in the club
setting off rockets

The kids built the rockets

and the adult stuffed the engines in 

and set them up

The kids got to push the button
to launch it and then 

run after it when it came down

It was such a great day   
this smile says it all 

I love when a community gets 
together to do positive
things for our youth!

1 comment:

  1. I notice in every single picture there are plenty of BIG little boys "helping."

    I am not surprised - - - I have a cousin in his late 40's who still goes all over the country participating in rocket launch events - - - only their rockets are MUCH larger than any of these.

    One more piece of proof that the only difference between a man and a boy is the size of his TOYS.