Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday Adventure Part 1

Yesterday was a very busy day. We knew we were going to go to the 2 lavender farms beyond that we didn't know what were going to do - just see what happened a long the way.........

Our trip started out at:

Lavender Farm/Festival #1

There were lavender crafts as well as general craft booths (Also whoopie pies!)

There was music

There was lavender chicken salad (I forgot to take pictures of it) and lavender lemonade

There was homemade lavender ice cream, if you ever get the change try it - it was wonderful!!

For $5 you could cut a bundle of lavender, so my dtr decided she wanted to do it:

Even my hsb got into cutting lavender - he had to "man" it up though:

A Lavender Pirate!

Some misc photos:

Yes I did buy a lot of lavender items:

On our way to the 2nd Farm we had to cross a covered bridge:

Lavender Farm/Festival #2

This one wasn't as big and didn't have much but it was very peaceful there:

There were local artist painting the fields

See part 2 for the rest of our exciting "festival day"

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  1. what a beautiful post about your visit to the lavendar farm... your photos are fantastic...