Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mini Vacation Day 1

We started out at my second favorite antique mall........

It seems to me that they have gotten very pricy over the past year but I did find some "treasures"
Nippon teacup 3.75

Yes, these will hang out with the lonely prism in the window. I can't wait to see the rainbows all over the kitchen! I got them for $3-$4 a piece

I got some new additions for the Geisha Girl Collection:
A cup and butter dish:

I got 4 snack sets - I have not seen these before - I paid the most for -$40. I almost past them by but I since I have been collecting these for over 20 yrs and never came across a set, I decided I better get them (besides my hsb said if I didn't he was going to buy them anyhow)

hair collector:

We spent 5 hrs here and saw a lot of things we ended up having to pass on because of the prices. A lot of the times going to these antique malls feels like going to a museum. I have seen a lot of items my parents and grandparents use to own. Unfortunately I have seen a lot of items I use to own in my younger years!

After we left we stopped at our local dairy farm for ice cream and played a round of goofy golf - we didn't keep score but Chuck thinks I won (I'm not so sure abt that) . It was funny cuz some of the ppl there were actually serious abt playing!
We had a fun and exhausting day..........

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