Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mini -Vaca Day 2

We went yard saling and checked out some new thrift stores. It has been years since we have gone to yard sales Here are some of our yard sale finds:

Got these 2 plates for $5 (Yes they are different)

I got these at a new Shabby Chic type store:

Got this for a future Met Monday Project $3

We also found a used furniture store and we got 2 of these chairs for $15 a piece:

We got a few other items but they were everyday type things. We drove around a lot in country going to barn sales. I found it interesting that a lot of the places were set up for more than a weekend. We had a lot of fun just looking and bartering. I think we will check out some more yard sales this weekend. I have been even thinking about having one of my own in June. I had one years ago - so I guess I'm due to try another one.( I must be nuts lol)...................Jo

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  1. Hope the day finds you well. Love the chairs and Love you. Chuck