Thursday, May 28, 2009

Parental Milestones

It's done!! Another parental milestone met.....Our youngest graduated from high school last night!

Some days it's hard to comprehend all the kids are technically grown - at least legally! Hard to believe that there will be no more teacher's conferences, FFA banquets, field trips, Key Club activities, Indian ruins to build, science projects, last minute permission slips, remembering to get lunch money, no more I need money for this or that (always the night b/4), waiting for school to let out, carpooling, rushing from one activity to another, no more missing the bus........................what will I ever do with that free time???????

Tonight is the final ceremony - she has been attending the vocational HS in Natural Resources, focusing in landscape design. They have their graduation ceremony tonight.

And yes, just like with the other two kids, I didn't even get through the processional w/o tearing up.


  1. Ah no more babies. Off to college I'm sure it will bring its own fun and disappointments. Good luck Mom I'm sure we can find something fun to do...............Antiques.Love ya Chuck

  2. I am crying!! Congratulations Devon! We are so proud of you!!!