Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Part 1 - The Dining Room

WELL, it finally happened.....

......after 4yrs of debating, discussing, and agonizing, we finally got the floors covered in the dining and living room....
BEFORE - note the awful floor - click on photo to enlarge

In the Dining Room looking into the Family room - yes that is a pocket door

I think we changed our minds a bizzillion times- do we refinish the existing wood floors? - not an viable option since the floors are a soft pine and not in the best condition - even thought my heart wanted to keep it original so then hard wood or not hard wood - I found one I fell in love with but after bringing the sample home and seeing what my nails did to the finish we decided that it really wasn't going to be large dog "friendly" - I was sooo disappointed but knew it wouldn't be right, ok so on to carpeting - what color? tan vs., multi vs brown vs green vs gold then - high pile, low pile, frieze or loop? What is the count - is it enough? What is the warranty? To many choices. My head was swarming....Finally we found one we both liked so I bit the bullet put down the deposit and waited for the person to come measure it - of course the first snag aggravation w/ Lowe's not being able to come out to measure in the evening -who ever thought that someone couldn't come out at 7pm to measure? . Back to square one - we started over at Buddy's - the manager was great to work with and walk thru each step with us - even helped find a carpet similar to the one at Lowe's- this was a higher count and better quality for actually less money - ordered it and it's was installed today - after a nerve wrecking installation - didn't like over hearing "it's to short, but it'll be ok "- and it was). I never have liked having people in my house so for me this is a biggie for me - part of why I have put it off.


Devon and Emily gave their seal of approval......
I love the carpet! I was so afraid - esp since the swatch was small - it was hard to imagine how it will look in 2 rooms that are huge - esp when I have picked such bold colors for the dining room. I amazes me how it can make such a difference.
See Part 2 the family room...........

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