Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baby Rainbows

Do you have a favorite childhood movie that has stuck in your head but you don't know why? I saw Pollyanna as a child. I loved that movie. I don't know why it stuck out over all the other movies I saw. The scene in which she visits the old grumpy man and they take the prisms and hang them up in the window is my favorite.

I don't know why but the window with all the prisms really impressed me. I told myself one day I will have a window of prisms. Well this weekend I started it!

Right now I only have one and when I find more I will add to my window. All I did was put up a tension rod in the window and hung it from the rod with ribbon.
When the suncomes out and it shines through the window, I love to look at all over the room for the baby rainbows..........
BabyRainbows on the floor:

Baby Rainbows on the cabinets:

Baby Rainbows on the Dog:

Baby Rainbows on the girl:

I'd love to hear your stories abt how a childhood movie affected you in your adult

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  1. I use to watch King Cong with my brother on Saturday. They would play the movie over and over all weekend on the Million Dollar Movie channel in NY. Needless to say I still get the shakes when I see that Giant on the screen and on tee shirts etc:) Scared for life by a giant monkey:)