Friday, August 12, 2011

Yard Sale

I had planned on having a yard sale
later in the season
but an opportunity came up
A couple of my neighbors
decided to have one
so I thought why not

the weather has been perfect

So yesterday and today
I hauled the stuff 
all my glorious treasures out

I sold quite a bit yesterday
not so much so far today

It always surprises me what ppl
will buy
and how some ppl will drive
you crazy even after you

tell them that is your lowest price
(Come on - its $5 for an $80 light fixture)
or try to get something marked .25 for less

 I'm surprised 
my handmade
jewelry - earrings $3 or 2 for $5
or cloches on a stand $7.50 
or bookmarks for $1

haven't sold
and silly things like
dog collars
and  shoes

What are your experiences
with yard sales?


  1. I never make much money. I agree they buy weird things and the good things just sit.
    Never take a check from any one. Once you sign it it is your check. I had one bounce and they ran it through my account three times charging me over $90. That was my profit on the whole sale.

  2. I've just given up on yard sales. Here in AZ they are horrible and no one wants to pay for anything. Seems the better the stuff the longer it sits. Your stuff looks good to me.

  3. I find that I may get rid of some stuff for all the work involved I don't think it's a good deal but I love going to them

  4. I love going to a good yard sale, but hate having them myself. And like you said, it's the weird stuff that sells.

  5. I know you worked hard! I cannot believe your beautiful handmade things did not sell! What were those folks thinking!

  6. The things normally people would love don't sell at a yard sale. They don't want *new* they want *cheap*. It's the yard sale mind set. lol