Friday, August 5, 2011

Can I.............????

complain for a moment???

After being at the 
Buckeye Bloggerette bash
the subject of replying 
to comments came up

I realized I had been neglectful
and if people take the time
to comment I should reply back
even if just a few words

So what am I complaining about???? reply email addys

I come up with something
clever to say
(or at least in my own mind)
hit reply and oooopps 
no way to say hey, thanks!

.From:  persons blog name
Sent: Thursday, August 4, 2011 10:48 PM
Subject: New comment on Outside My Window....

so if you don't get a reply
from me or someone else
it may not be
 that we don't want to

we just can't 

now back to cooking
crafting and regular blogging


  1. What's an email addy? I'm confused but commented anyway.

  2. Hi There. I can't pull up the email if it is listed. Since my computer was owned by someone else first it blocks the address. I usually comment on the person's blog. I like it when you have the email address on the side that you don't have to click on. Does this make any sense at all.
    Anyway, have a good week-end. Still love your cheery blog design.

  3. Yup, after I've typed an entire paragraph and am ready to send it off, only to discover that it's a "no reply blogger"- I get a little nutty! aaaggghhh.... And I don't get why people won't establish a separate e-mail account for their blog comments if their concern is mail overload! So yeah, I'm complaining, too! LOL