Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday....

....to me!!
Very rarely do I post or have my pix 
taken but in celebration
of my 54th Birthday on the 19th
 here goes

My First Birthday

These are the only photos 
 have as an infant
I don't know who the kids are 
except the one on the end 
with the darkest hair
is my sister

Don't you love the plastic bloomers
I loved apples then
and love them now

I loved this dress 
it was pale pink with roses buds
and embroidery

4 or 5yrs old

I went to parochial school 
for kindergarten

6yrs old

14yrs old

19 yrs old

21 yrs old

30 yrs old

39 yrs old

51yrs old


  1. Happy, happy birthday, Jo! Wishing you all the best on your special day. I hope you have a great one!


  2. Happy Birthday. Looking better every year!

  3. Once again, happy, happy birthday to a most lovely lady! I loved your pictures...we are the same age (I turn 54 in October)so our photos mirror one another!!
    I will have to scan mine in preparation for a posting in the Fall! *laugh*