Sunday, April 25, 2010

Old Towne Neighborhood

We went to my favorite place today
Franklin conservatory
This is the 1st time
we have been able to walk around the park
and I started noticing all the old houses
so I thought I'd share

Look at the chairs on the porch

Can you see the man washing the railing?

It is my understanding that 
this area has been 
in the process
of revitalization

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  1. Lovely neighborhood with a variety of house styles!

  2. Hello Jo,

    What a lovely neighborhood. Love all the different styles of homes. Those chairs are fantastic! Love that unexpected pop of turquoise in the second to last photo!

    Thank you for posting about my giveaway and entering for a chance to win.

    ~ Tracy

  3. Such lovely older homes and gorgeous yards.

  4. Wow! So mnay beautiful homes in that neighborhood! I'd love to peak inside them!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


  5. Your house tour is as good as a fun drive in an interesting neighborhood. Thanks! - Jane F.

  6. Looks like a beautiful neighborhood. Happy Outdoor Wednesday! CailinMarie