Sunday, April 18, 2010

An Old Farmhouse

Years ago 
When I had first moved to OH
and we were visiting my father-in-law
we were driving and came across
this old house that had a small gift shop
So we decided to go in.
I fell in love with the house 
and it stuck with me over the years

Fast forward ten years
when we moved back to OH 
we stopped by "my house"
the store and house were closed
and I thought I never see 
the inside again
(I found out yesterday the place
 had closed for a period of time due to a fire)

This weekend we 
went up to my hsb's hometown 
to go to his cousin's wedding
as we were driving
 down the road
I told my daughter 
up here is the house
we always joked as being 
"my house"
well guess what there 
was a store back in it 
and here are some photos 
I took of some of the 


these rooms were in an addition

I'm a sucker for lace
and they had a whole room

the staircase is to the right
as you come up 
to the landing where the window is 
to the left is a bedroom
that now holds baby items

as you walk down this walkway
straight ahead is a room 
to the right and left are rooms

the room to the right has Christmas
and OSU merchandise
My son would go crazy in here
they even have items he doesn't have
(its hard to believe there
 is anything he doesn't own)

the other 2 rooms
 have a mismatch of items
one clearance and 
one with primitives
As I came out of one room 
I found the following 
two displays I liked

I might even copy this one

I fell in love with the upstairs 
years ago it still had the original wallpaper
and as I looked out the windows
I thought of years gone by
that some woman looked out 
those windows as she 
went about her day
looking out at the fields 
and wondered if the old cemetery
across the street held
some of her family

the pictures aren't the best quality
since they were taken with my
cell phone

of course I had to buy something
I got 2 pieces of lace 
and faux hydrangea

oh and here's a picture
 of the bride and her nephew
she looked like a princess

and her sister with the newest 
member of the Rolston clan
He is the sweetest baby


  1. Such a great house. Glad you got to go in and take photos...some great stuff. Lovely Bride!

  2. The house itself is beautiful, but oh goodness! I could spend a weekend just wandering around lusting after all those gorgeous items!

    Congratulations to the bride and to her sister.

  3. Jo,

    "Your house" is so neat. What fun to be able to go thru it and shop. I love shops like that and could spend hours looking!


  4. Hi Jo -- me again! I saw "old farmhouse" in your lists of posts, and of course could not resist visiting again --
    and am glad I did. Wow what a fantastic store -- and how charming it is to have it in that beautiful old house!
    There's a big old house near here that I always refer to as "my house," too -- or, "that's where I want to live when I grow up!"
    Meanwhile, my own old farmhouse will do just nicely, as will your beautiful old cottage!