Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Prom

On Saturday the prom was held in our small town. It was such a beautiful day out; we couldn’t have ordered a better one. It seemed like an endless day of primping and last minute plan changes. My daughter, Devon went with her boyfriend Ben. Her dress was a midnight blue on the top that gradually got lighter. It had silver glitter dots all over. She liked it because it reminded her of the night sky with stars. Ben wore a black tux w/ a blue vest that matched her dress. If I have to say so my self she looked stunning. (I’m not at all biased when it comes to my kids –lol) She reminded me of Audrey Hepburn.

After going to the city park to take pictures (everyone in town goes there for the background) Then we took them to her girlfriends house so a group of them could go “in style” in a black limo. From there they were off for dinner at a place called The Pub.
We went home until 7:30, and then we were off to the fairgrounds where the prom was held to watch the parade of gowns with all the other proud parents. Of course that is where we took a whole bunch more photos. What surprised me was to hear that some of the women there didn’t have children going, they just wanted to see the dresses. I guess this is our small towns fashion show. There were so many beautiful dresses - this year it seemed to be lime green, burnt orange, turquoise and white. I was surprised at the lack of black – esp since this group a couple of years ago was the emo/grunge group. There were quite a few white tuxes – with red accents! One guy even had red shoes and socks that matched his cumberbund!

After I had pushed the limit of taking pictures – only could say” just one more “ for so long! The theme this year was A Black Tie Affair. I was told that they had chandeliers hanging down and that it was very elegant inside. The prom lasted until midnight. They had an after party at a local rec center, where they could ice skate, play games, get airbrushed tatoos, henna and of course eat. It lasted until 5:30 and the kiddos came home and crashed.
The prom was important for me since I never went to mine. I was married – yes, I got married the first time a month after my 15th birthday and no, I was not pregnant - I chose to get married. That’s a whole separate story. I didn’t think at the time I would miss it, but I did and do. How about the rest of you –what is your prom story/nightmare?

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