Thursday, April 30, 2009


I’ve got a dilemma – When we painted our old house there is a lot of paint on the side of the windows left from prior residents. At this point I don’t want to strip all the wood work – except for the side spills they are in good condition.

I have been cleaning it w/ oops! And it has come off some w/ scrubbing w/ green pads. It is taking forever to do and it has been frustrating – not to mention the I have 13 door/windows to do. Does anyone else have a better method – something that takes the old paint off but not the underneath finish? Anyone have experience w/ goof off? All words of wisdom will be appreciated!


  1. Hey Jo,
    I'm offended you didn't ask the professional airplane painter. You might have some luck with aircraft grade paint thinner, they sell it at lowes and wal-mart and it's a lot stronger than the other stuff. We've used it on almost everything and it works great. Just be sure to wipe it down with rubbing alcohol when you're done, or it will eat through the wood.

  2. It sounds like that type of paint thinner will take the finish underneath off and I don't want that to happen......